30 November 2008

Namby pamby

Brian and I went down to Atlantic City on Saturday night to gamble and watch the finalists from Last Comic Standing. As per usual, I lost money ($150) whereas Brian made money ($250). Perhaps he should be my designated gambler. We were a little late to the show and missed the first comedian, Louis Ramey, which makes me sad because he's one (if not) the best from the show. Jeff Dye showed his inexperience during his performance, which was at times painful. Marcus didn't do enough impersonations, but he was my favorite by far. He picked out a guy named Randy from the audience who apparently had a pedophile 'stache and kept referring to him throughout the night -- and then teabagged him with the microphone. Sooo basically that was the best part. Eliza went on later, but largely recited jokes from the show. Womp womp.

Today, Audrey had her regional championships for Irish dance. It is waaaay more stressful to be watching than it is to be dancing. I never got so emotional when I was the one on stage. Unfortunately, she didn't make it to the final round, which is complete bullshit. She's a total trooper though and didn't let it get to her. I can't express how proud I am of her. I know she'll make it to world's one day.

Anyway, tomorrow is my journal club presentation. This pretty much all hinges on whether or not Jon Raper decides my paper is crap. Let's hope he's cool with it and doesn't inquisitively berate me as he is apt to doing...

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