10 January 2009

80 at heart

I think I might have turned 81 rather than 21 at my last birthday. I get grumpy when my upstairs neighbors have parties every night. Most of my hobbies are indistinguishable from that of an octogenarian: bowling, sewing, knitting. I just recently taught myself how to crochet, so add that to the list. Am I missing anything? Birdwatching, perhaps? I'll leave that to my cats for now. (Oh crap, add "cat lady" to the mix.)

My winter break is coming to an end. Three weeks is a really long time (especially when the most I ever got from Drexel was 2), but I haven't really done much. I've just been relaxing, which is a nice change of pace, but honestly gets boring after a while. Not so bored that I've started my paper that's due in a few days though... Oh well, some things never change.

I've been doing the Wii Fit everyday and enjoying the heck out of it. It can be super corny sometimes, but having the video game trainer talking to you actually does help. I've unlocked all the strength exercises and balance games, but still have a bunch of yoga poses yet to go. Those are the ones I was most looking forward to, but I guess the different categories don't unlock at an equal pace. 

Finally, in bizarre TV-shows-I-love news, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter (who play brother and sister on Dexter) just got married.

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